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The Price Is Right - Live Stage Show Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.0 Stars)

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5.0 star rating Maralinda garza from Garland, texas


I'm soo excited to be going to this event, because I sometimes have difficulty walking fast or jumping around but it's always been a dream to see this show in person and even a bigger dream to be apart of it.. my daughter will be taking me and she is excepting her 2nd child and it's a dream for both of us as mother and daughter to be going.. too excited to sleep

5.0 star rating Liz Mcrary from Centralia, Washington


So excited! Going with my whole family!

5.0 star rating Grace from Veron, New York


I'm so excited to be attending this show !!! I'm taking my mom we've watched this show for years ... even my little ones are jumping for joy :)

5.0 star rating Melissa Ridenour from Chico California


I'm so excited to come here with my daughter and friends OMG SOOOOO STOKED Bucket list CHECK wwwwwwwooooooohooooooooo can't wait!!!!! Even if I don't get picked i'm so stoked for a fun time, dream come true <3

5.0 star rating VIVEN VALDEZ from Dallas, Texas


I am so excited, im going with my co-worker.. i LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT VIVEN VALDEZ

5.0 star rating Camille Olsen from Dalton Oh


We have tickets to the Weds show and can hardly wait to be there. My hubby and I have been married 53 wonderful years and we watch the show everyday . Its one thing on my bucket list and our girls have bought the tickets for a Christmas gift.

5.0 star rating Wendy Kleinhans from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I'm so excited that my daughter & granddaughters got us tickets for our Christmas gift this year !!! We had so much fun designing our shirts and even the granddaughters designed their own shirt too :) I feel like a little girl who is going to Disney World !!!! We are going on Monday night Feb 5th and I'm sooo excited !!! Best Christmas gift ever !!!! Let the fun begin !!!

5.0 star rating Mike Anderson from Phoenix, Arizona


Wife bought tickets for me for our 20 year wedding anniversary. So so excited.

5.0 star rating from Toledo, Ohio


Sooooo excited to be going with my daughter for her 25th birthday! Come on down. You're the next contestant on the Price is Right!

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


Looking forward to an eventful evening at the Price is Right!

5.0 star rating Sweet Angel from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I hope they pick some in our family or friends i hope we spin the wheel good luck guys

5.0 star rating Marney Dolan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


My husband got us tickets for my birthday in June!! I am so damn excited I can't wait!! I've watched this show since I was child,, And would tell everyone that I wanted to marry Bob Barker when I grow up! Lol he was so dreamy!! Looking forward to dream come true! Good luck everyone!!!

5.0 star rating Donna Hallock from Clearwater, Florida


I am so excited for the show it was a birthday present last year but covert must that up this is one of the things on my bucket list I am super excited or trying to get on stage I would do anything to win to get up there I am buying a special team shirt just for the show Big big fan

5.0 star rating Rebecca mcgowan from Wisonville Ontario


Im the biggest fan I watch it ever day at 11am if miss that time 1pm my favorite show never ever miss it it sucks missed out on it coming to Kitchener-Waterloo. Well maybe next time I be there for sure

5.0 star rating Rosemary Merritt from Aurora Illinois


I went to the show at casino I was excited and enjoyed the show

5.0 star rating Edward Vanesse from Iva, South Carolina


I was the overall winner at the Price is Right live show in Asheville at Harrah's Cherokee center!! I had such a great time and if you don't go you can't win! I'm going to enjoy my trip to Vegas next year with my daughter and her boyfriend. They live in Phoenix and we're all going to meet there and make memories!! Thank you Price is Right!!! I've been a lifelong fan and I felt like I was rewarded!!

3.0 star rating Eddie Goldberger from Chicago, Illinois


Lots of fun but the pricing was nonsense. The showcase pricing was bullshit. 3 trips, a brand new car for $28,000. The car would cost alone $30,000

2.0 star rating Annette from Waynesboro,Pennsylvania


I was so excited to go to this thinking it was the same as the TV show which it most certainly is not. If you think about going to this do your research before you buy a ticket. For the VIP package I expected so much more than a bag and a hat. The picture at the wheel they take with your cell phone. They do nothing special. 2 people are called from the audience for the showcase, not anyone that got on stage. The showcase was one package that included a new Kia (that retails for about 20k with no options at all, a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to Venice and a scooter. Of course, both over bid, one at 30k one at 32k. It was actually about 24k. Keep in mind on other reviews I've seen this number is repetitive. It's certainly not worth what I paid. What a money maker for The Price is Right Live. Did it once but will never do this again. Get a free ticket for the Hollywood show and experience the REAL Price is Right.

2.0 star rating Gem from Detroit, Michigan


The cost of the final showcase wasn’t believe able both were over. A trip to Venice, a moped, and a car and they had it priced so low that it was ridiculous.

2.0 star rating At the show from Cleveland, Ohio


Prizes were low. Could have gotten better directions on check in at the venue. Venue held 3400 people. Biggest winner was a refrigerator. The showcase not over bid - a car - aa trip to Las Vegas - a trip to Venice Italy all for about $25k just not believable

2.0 star rating Kimberly Conley from Dayton, Ohio


Nothing "Live about it". Built up promotions to make money. Barely anybody one won anything. Also don't expect to be called up on the stage unless you are 80 yrs old or above.

2.0 star rating Ann from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Was excited to go. The energy was great, but the way they ran the show was weird. The showcase at the end was a rip off. there were two bidders. They had to bid on a large screen TV with sound system, a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to Rome and a new car. When the guy won the showcase, he only won the trip to Vegas. In order to win everything, he had to be within $100. I felt that was a scam. Why have to bid on everything when you only win a four day trip to Vegas…scam. That was a one and done for me.

1.0 star rating Pat from Missouri City, TX from Missouri City, TX


It was not as I expected for the price. My mother has watched shoe for years and when she able to travel, visited the show several times in Las Angeles ,but never called "To Come On Down". She was greatly disappointed as she was not aware the format would not be the same. I think it gave me more people an opportunity to try their luck at winning and a chance of being called. The prizes were very mediocre. The final showcase was a slap in the face of this great show 46 year history. Many thought it was a rip off when the actual retail price was revealed of $21,000 plus a little more leaving no winner. 2018 Honda Accord would run you $21,000 by itself. The show also included a trip to New York and Paris Plus kitchen products that were worth $2,500 alone. Never would go again unless going to the real show, Just glad I didn't have to travel as far as some others did. Unsure who benefited from all the ticket sales, but they made some money. The showcase were really only the decent prizes

1.0 star rating Saveeta Barnes from New York, New York


I took my mother to the show in Westbury NY. She was a big fan of the show. I got tickets 2 days before the show but the tickets I got and where we were seated was practically behind everything. We couldn't even see none of the games on stage. Why would they sell tickets when people can't even see anything? Secondly-what you see on TV is NOT what it is live in NY. I was so disappointed and so was my mom. First of all the host was NOT Drew. The prize they gave was very cheap. Imagine the plinko game was $2500 and not $25K. If you spun the wheel and you land on $1 then you can only win $250 (how ridiculous! ) I felt like most of the games were fake, host was fake, producers fake (all for TV ratings). They tell people to act like a fool with excitement for what? NY'ers aren't excited about a $250 prize Lastly, the showcase-fake and rigged. 2 trips (one to Paris and one to Vegas, a scooter and a Nissan sentra) a guy guessed $31450 the other guessed $29k. The host said it was $21K! LMFAO. unreal. Biggest scam in modern day. I will never watch the show again and I hope my mother doesn't either! Save your money. You will be disappointed!

1.0 star rating Gary shamock from Meriden, Connecticut


Went to the Oakdale last night Sunday night what a joke totally unorganized no handicap parking for my 92-year-old mother she had to walk a half a mile pathetic for one thing the show is totally unorganized you don't even know where to go all you see is exit signs I mean do they want you to leave before you even get in. The beers are $20 each for one thing the pretzels are hard as a rock and that's all I saw search for food don't waste your time Drew Carey is not going to be there just trust me I don't want your God damn toaster in plain English I would have gave it away one guy won a car but I think it was fixed anyways he never went home with that car I saw him after the show totally fixed total ripoff you'll be totally disappointed had fun laughing at all these jerks though really do not waste your time or money unless you want to just laugh at things

1.0 star rating Taylor from Long Island, New York


I was extremely disappointed in the price is right show at Westbury Music Fair in New York. The prices were ridiculously cheap and the showcase prize in my opinion was fraudulent. The showcase consisted of a car, a Honda elite scooter, a four night trip to Paris France and four night trip to Hollywood California and they stated that the retail cost of this showcase was only $21,500. Ridiculous. The two people are in the showcase wound up overbidding. I would like to find somewhere that I can buy a car, a Honda scooter, A four night trip to Paris France and a four night trip to Hollywood for $21,000. Do not buy tickets, do not go.

1.0 star rating KL from New Brunswick, New Jersey


My mom and her sister both in their 70s have been watching the show for years. They were excited to attend the October 13. 2022 taping and living one of their bucket list items, but when they arrived nothing was as described in the ticket purchased. Here is how. Someone from production crew sound the wheel for you and no one is allowed on stage. There are no prizes to be won other than $25 Amazon cards and $100 cash prizes which they mail to you, seems very sketchy. They paid for the VIP ticket and almost didn’t receive their bag of goodies until they asked someone from audience how they received their bag. When the goodie bag was received after asking for one, it had the cheapest trinkets in it and didn’t even include a shirt or anything. The show seemed like a money maker for the independent folks hosting it. My family had their high hopes for an experience go down the drain and honestly don’t even care to watch the real show anymore. The independent producers hosting these events need to be more transparent about the expectation and not deceptive,

1.0 star rating Steven corsoe from Atlantic City, New Jersey


I feel that the stage show for the price is right was a true disappointment,in review of the show I found that the most disappointing factor was the low level prizes and the fact that there was no handicap ramps for the patrons,but the biggest problem about the show was the way they picked the contestants,and at the cost of the tickets I feel they could have done so much better for the was as though this was a knock off of the real show and I would never frequent another game show such as this...truly sad that a million dollar casino that could afford so much better could give such low grade prizes for the money that the patrons excelled for this event...never going to another event such as this...I would rather see a comedy show or a band and know what to expect...😡

1.0 star rating Charlie Fatherly from Kansas City, Missouri


Totally not worth it .. go to the real show!!

1.0 star rating Cynthia moon from Minerva, Ohio


Very disappointed, I would not recommend it. It was different then the real show. To make a long story short the show case was a brand new Nissan altima, trip to Rome and Miami , 150 scooter, the grand total was $24, 000. They expect people to over bid. Thank goodness the contestant bid 23,000 in which everyone booed actually won. There is no way all those prizes equalled $24,000. I will never go again. If I was the other contestant that overbid at $32,000, I would definitely contest .

1.0 star rating Lori from Louisville, Kentucky


I was so disappointed at the whole sit up. The long waiting in lines to get in. No Drew or any of the cast of the show. The showcase was a joke. They had a car and two trips. At least a $40,0000 showcase. Both contestants said it was around $35,000. They were both over. They had the price at $24,000. That’s the price of the car alone. They didn’t plan to give the showcase away. This was a waste of time and money

1.0 star rating Rhonda brooks from Atlantic city


Waste of my time one big jip and going around using price is right name for fraud to get money please don't go

1.0 star rating Tg QBXD from Cleveland, Ohio


My wife and i Received tickets as a xmas gift from our daughter. Initially we were excited. Pre registered. Upon arrival we had to get our name tag and wait in a long line to enter. At this point things were still good. Show starts and you quickly realize the show is a 100% money grab. The prizes are very limited and get this no one wins the showcase. Look up other reviews around the country. They are all the same. Barnam&Baily would be proud. STAY AWAY

1.0 star rating Matt & Demi from Chicago, Illinois


My girlfriend and I thought it would be a neat experience to enjoy, but it was very clear after the second set of contestants that it was fake. Everyone called had very specific names, and had no knowledge of how to play. The showcase was a definite fake. Both contestants were over, with one bidding around $50k and the other $34k. A new SUV, 3 trips, and a set of surf boards they claimed was $28k. After looking it up, the SUV alone was worth $20k. Don’t waste your money unless you don’t care about not being called up. Definitely don’t buy the expensive seats.

1.0 star rating BarbRowe from Chicago, Illinois


There was no Drew Carry. No good prizes. Host was boring. At 3000 people or more. Didn’t start on time. Games were boring. Nothing like you see on TV.


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